Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal:  Jewelry Artists of Québec

“Innovation and Craftsmanship in Metal:  Jewelry Artists of Québec” is a month long exhibition of some of Québec’s most critically acclaimed jewelry artists.  Debuting in its first year at Aaron Faber Gallery, Jewelry Artists of Québec  offers both trade and consumers a glimpse of  highly original works of jewelry artistry using precious and semi-precious stones and metals.  The fourteen participating Québecois artists have redefined conventional approaches to jewelry design, with each participant’s definition quite different from another.

While Claudio Pino’s kinetic movement rings are painstakingly designed to do more than just adorn a finger, Matthieu Cheminée bestows young, fresh life to old, discarded jewelry in a recycled kaleidoscope of sculptural virtuosity.  As Janis Kerman entices us to see the beauty in opposites and asymmetrical balance, Laurie Dansereau invites us to become one with nature as her floral necklaces garnish décolletages in a splendor of anthers and petals in sterling silver and exotic woods.  And as Jean-Pierre Gauvreau’s rings captures the grand pursuits of the most genius architects, Pierre-Yves Paquetteuses the ancient art of mokume gane to harmonize various hues of gold and silver into a visually stunning crescendo.

The Exhibition opens to the public on Friday, May 4, 2012 and continues through May 26, 2012.  A private reception hosted by the Jewelry Artists of Québec will be held at Aaron Faber Gallery the evening of Thursday, May 3rd.  The general public will be able to view and purchase from the featured collections daily, with special requests available through Aaron Faber Gallery after the exhibition concludes.

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  • Roland Dubuc

  • Lynn Légaré

  • Annegret Morf

  • Pierre-Yves Paquette

  • Gustavo Estrada

  • Matthieu Cheminée

  • Janis Kerman

  • Laurie Dansereau

  • Jean-Pierre Gauvreau

  • Élise Bergeron

  • Claudio Pino

Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters

In the world of women’s fashion, there’s beautiful jewelry, there’s memorable jewelry, and then there’s dramatic jewelry – those statement-making works of wearable art that encourage both compliments and query. Throughout the month of May 2013, Aaron Faber Gallery will present the latter in an exhibition that explores the striking works of five legendary international jewelry artists known for their sculptural aesthetic, vivid color machination, and dynamic gem play. “Dramatic Jewelry: The Five Masters” showcases the extraordinary works of British jeweler, Charlotte De Syllas; Italian jeweler, Paolo Marcolongo; American jeweler, Michael Good; and German jewelers Peter Schmid of Atelier Zobel and Tom and Jutta Munsteiners.

 The exhibition opens 3pm on Thursday, May 9th, 2013 with a book signing hosted by Tom and Jutta Munsteiner, honoring Wilhelm Lindemann’s literary work, “Munsteiner: The Young Generation Tom + Jutta Munsteiner”. Also in attendance will be Bernd Munsteiner, the “Picasso of Gems” and father to both Tom and the optical style of the “fantasy gem cut.”

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Grand Complications: The Exhibition

From June 5 through June 12, 2013, Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10103, will premiere “Grand Complications” an exhibition that explores both the rivalry and mania surrounding watch collecting among the very rich at the turn of the 20th century and the ongoing fascination in the modern world with grand complications, the most complex achievement of fine watchmaking and the supreme test of a watch designer’s expertise and a watchmakers’ skill.

Opening the exhibition on Wednesday, June 5th is renowned award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Stacy Perman, signing her latest book “A Grand Complication: The Race to Build the World’s Most Legendary Watch.” The book details what would ultimately be the genesis for the historic 1999 auction sale of an $11 million Patek Philippe. On Monday, June 10th, four legends of the premium watch industry – Edward Faber, Michael Friedman, Osvaldo Patrizzi and Alexis Sarkissian – will convene for the Connoisseur Roundtable, a lively discussion on the phenomenon of complicated timepieces and their continued allure throughout the centuries. The roundtable will be moderated by Gary Girdvainis. Watch collectors and aficionados are invited to attend these events, and encouraged to bring their questions for the experts of the Connoisseur Roundtable. All events will be held at Aaron Faber Gallery.

In addition to these events, Aaron Faber Gallery will exhibit several rare complications from luminaries of haute horlogerie. On display will be a Breguet Minute Repeater, Ref 3637; a Blancpain Moon Perpetual, caliber 6511 and Blancpain Léman Alarm GMT caliber 1241; a Master Control Perpetual, Ref. 140.2.80 from Jaeger LeCoultre, and the “Tellurium Johannes Kepler”, No. 15 of only 99, Ref. 871-99 from Ulysse Nardin, a very rare and unusual, astronomic, water-resistant, two time zone, self-winding, 18K yellow gold wristwatch with moon phases, signs of the Zodiac, eclipses of the sun and the moon, 24 hours, and a cloisonne dial with view of the Earth as seen from the North Pole.

The exhibition will also feature several grand complications from Patek Philippe, including the exclusively rare, 1 of 1, Patek Philippe Ref 959, movement 866’781, an 18K yellow gold keyless two-train, Grande Complication Grande et Petite Sonnerie clockwatch with trip minute-repeating, split-seconds chronograph with visible works, instantaneous 30-minute register, instantaneous perpetual calendar with phases of themoon, and 24-hour indications, estimated value of $1.5 million.

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Genius of Nature

Aaron Faber Gallery has assembled 23 celebrated jewelry artists to deliver their interpretations of nature’s genius through 75 exquisite designs of nature-inspired jewelry artistry. The exhibition, “Genius of Nature,” premieres October 2013 at the 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY gallery location. This exhibition will explore how, in the world of artist-made jewelry, the goldsmith’s plan mirrors the grand designs of the universe, where chaos and structure, randomness and pattern, the heat of the torch, the movement of gold, the energy of divine creation, results in an ornamental artifact of intelligent design.

“The works curated for this exhibition look to capture this sense of the organic, of the expanding, of the not-quite-planned, as well as featuring jewels that relate more to nature’s inspiration on a graphic or visual level”, said Patricia Kiley Faber, curator of the Genius of Nature Exhibition and co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery. “It was important to include established and emerging artists, where the collection ranges from the unexpected to the more familiar. In all of these artists’ works, one can discern that magical energy of creativity, pattern and randomness converging as the artists’ attempt to capture something universal in a single remarkable jewel.”

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