Aaron Faber Gallery is the one of most influential galleries in all of America. It is a very great experience working with them and I’ve learned many different kinds of things from them. It is a great mutual relationship working with them.

After finished graduate school, I taught at RIT and Syracuse University as an adjunct professor for several years. I had an original dream being a full time artist but I was concerned if I could survive as one.

I knew I had to challenge myself to make my dream come true. So I decided become a full time artist. I met Aaron Faber Gallery at the ACC Baltimore wholesale craft show in 2007. They were one of my first carriers as professional jewelry artist. Fortunately they liked my work and we started to work together.

They ordered my work and invited many different kinds of exhibitions, SOFA, and personal trunk show.  They used my work image to advertise their exhibitions on the magazines and SOFA catalog which were wonderful. It helped to jump start my carrier as a jewelry artist very quickly.

Aaron Faber Gallery plans different themed exhibition every year and is looking for new artists all the time keeping their presentation and spirit fresh and young. They are a leading gallery for contemporary and artistic jewelry.

I’m very lucky present my work at Aaron Faber Gallery and hopefully I can do so until retired.

So Young Park