My first contact with Aaron Faber was by way of an invitation they sent me in 2008 to take part in a group exhibition.  They mentioned that they had discovered my work through my web site and they proposed that I participate in a show focused on the employment of paper techniques in metalwork. They said « my work might be a match for this show or future shows ».  So it all began with « Cut, Fold, Stitch : Paper/Metal » in 2009 and now I am one of their studio jewelry artists.

From the start, I had a very good relationship with the whole Aaron Faber team; I felt immediately that they understood my approach to jewelry-making and the specificity of my technique.  I also had the opportunity  to show Patricia Faber around my studio in Montreal and to explain my origami-style technique.  During this studio visit I knew that our collaboration  would grow not only due to the exchange between a gallery and an artist  but also because of our shared passion for the human dimension of studio jewelry.

There are not many showcases for studio jewelry artists and it is stimulating to be part of the Aaron Faber family. I can present my work in a renowned gallery celebrating its 40th anniversary where respect for the artist and the artistic process is given priority.

Roland Dubuc