My first encounter with Aaron Faber was at a show in the spring of 1999.

The event coincided with the opening of the new location of the store and gallery – its 25th anniversary and the launch of the new web site. It could not have been more propitious time …… a great opportunity!

Arriving at the Gallery directly from Italy with my work in hand, I found myself in an active construction site.  Just a bit worried, I asked a guard if I had the right address. It was only days to the opening and the place was full of construction workers, boxes on the floor, wires hanging everywhere. (see photos)

The guard called Mr. Faber, who greeted me with a big, warm smile. He introduced me around and showed my pieces to the staff –  and so began my American adventure!

I have been represented by the Faber Gallery since 2002, including the SOFA shows in New York and Chicago. I was invited to participate in many of the Gallery’s thematic exhibitions: “In the Water”, “Tahitian & South Sea Pearl Show” “Fresh Start: New Directions” , “Essentials for Men: Lapels and Cuffs,” “Red Gold” and others.

I found that at Faber I could express myself as I wished;  no  limitations as to size, color or cost were set. Following only the subtlest thematic suggestion, I was free to create works that honestly reflected my thoughts and personality. These pieces proved to be well appreciated for their inventiveness and creativity.

But certainly the foremost event in my relationship with Aaron Faber coincided with the Gallery’s 30th anniversary exhibition; a curator from the American Museum of Natural History saw one of my best pieces and asked to have it included in the museum’s forthcoming show “Pearls”. The exhibition then traveled from New York to Milwaukee, Tokyo, Sydney, Athens and Paris.

I am grateful to the Gallery, and honored – for none of of this would have happened without their faith in me and my work and without the sensitivity and devotion of Patricia and Aaron Faber – truly lights in the darkness for the artists they represent.

Marco Borghesi