I won’t tell how long I’ve been with the Gallery, but it was when invoices were written by hand and slides were used instead of digital images.

It was a time when I could walk into a Fifth Avenue gallery and be greeted by Ed Faber. The large fanciful winged piece of jewelry that I was wearing on my shoulder must have attracted his attention – it was too big to miss. I credit that brooch for introducing me to him and the start of a long relationship with the Gallery. That wonderful winged creation has long since flown away, but my relationship with the Fabers has lasted.

The Gallery has given me several very important moments in my life. The very first major show I had was a group show at Aaron Faber. My parents came and I remember my father sitting quietly for a long time. He was a person who never said much, but I knew at that moment he was proud. It was in his eyes: the realization his daughter had made it all the way to a Fifth Avenue gallery. Thank you, Pat and Ed, for that moment.

I have a lot of respect for the Fabers because of the support they’ve given to the development and appreciation of jewelry as fine art. There are only a few people I know who have worked so hard to promote jewelry artists and the craft overall. I am a long time member of SNAG — Society of North American Goldsmiths – and the Fabers always donate something towards their conferences. Pat has been generous with her time and knowledge. She will sit down and talk with people on ways to grow as an artist and a business.

Some of my professional highlights have been because of you. Besides shows in the gallery, I’ve received full page images of my work in SOFA catalogues and participated in a talk at NY SOFA. The thing I smile about often in recollection is an enormous banner of one of my pieces in their gallery window. The piece was a two-part brooch called “Horus” and was almost the same size as me. The banner was so large, I’d have to hang it from my second story window to get the full effect! They generously gave me the banner — and no, I don’t hang it outside!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your history. You have definitely been am important part of mine.

Linda Kindler Priest