I had the pleasure and privilege of being part of a group exhibition of Quebec jewelers at Aaron Faber Gallery a first time in spring 2011. Since then Patricia and Edward invited me to participate in other thematic exhibitions and present on a regular basis my work at the gallery.

It is therefore a very young cooperation artist – gallery. Only four years during which nevertheless, professionals and unforgettable friendships were forged with Patricia and Edward Faber.

First Patricia, a great gallerist, but also an audacious curator in the field of art jewelry. Patricia knows carefully how to select the works of artists but additionally she has the genius to offer jewelers thematics that lead them to go further in other zones of their creative processes. I was brought personally to revise my approach and deepen my reflections through experimentation. My artwork is now more consistent, my technical expertise has increased but mostly we feel in my recent pieces, a stronger approach, totally focused on the manipulation of metals, yellow gold, white gold, silver, and the use of their properties .

Apart from, the reliability, insight and assurance of Patricia Faber , the professional, I also became acquainted with the Patricia with a discrete, relevant and delicious sense of humor, the gentle, reassuring person but also a festive and joyful friend. And together with her spouse and partner Edward, they are a team, a duo whose strengths and qualities complement each other for the best.

Besides, it is in very specific circumstances that I was able to know more Edward Faber, this acknowledged specialist of the antique and contemporary jewelry and watchmaking. I am a jeweler and gemologist appraiser as well. It is in this context that Edward and I were allies to initiate and conclude after several months of work, meetings with as many singular personages, unusual and bizarre characters, an exceptional transaction: the sale of one of the biggest cut diamonds known in the world. It was an adventure fit for a movie script, filled with incredible stories, joys and disappointments. But mostly, I’m sure like me, Edward will remember this privileged moment where we could observe and hold this unique diamond of almost 85 carats! A rare opportunity in our business, is not it Edward?

Good 40th anniversary Patricia, Edward and the entire team of Aaron Faber Gallery!

Élise Bergeron