It’s now been 25 years since I started working with Patricia and Edward. 25! I can’t believe it! It went like a flash.

The very first time we met, it was at Baselworld 1989. Frances, my then wife, and I were part of the “Group Design” which brought together ten European designers. An elegant woman stopped in front of our windows and shared interest in my creations with a watchful eye and a lot of relevance. It was Patricia. That day bore our collaboration, which has not ceased since.

In 1991, Patricia and Edward offered us a show — “From Sham to 3-D ” — that we accepted. It was very successful. We have since then participated in many group exhibitions. And now that I work alone, I am happy to still be part of Aaron Faber Gallery’s permanent artists.

In 2004, Patricia and Edward asked me to create a mural celebrating their 20 year anniversary. I made a diptych titled “30 Volumes.” This sculpture was exhibited at Sofa Chicago in October 2004 and Aaron Faber Gallery in New York.

I warmly thank Patricia and Edward, who were the first to say me and my work should meet successfully with the American public. 

Happy anniversary!!!

Claude Chavent