I have worked with Aaron Faber Gallery for almost 30 years and still remember how exciting it was to meet the Fabers at my first trade show at the ACC winter Market in Baltimore.

Mrs. Faber instantly related to my work and started to include it in her shows at the upstairs gallery at their first location. I went for the opening to New York and was amazed at how many European artists the Fabers represented. Having just moved to the US from Europe I was thrilled and excited to be represented by the Aaron Faber Gallery.

From here on our relationship developed and matured but the excitement of being represented by such a wonderful gallery has never changed.
Mrs. Faber has a great eye and and deep passion for contemporary jewelry, but at the same time she also values good craftsmanship and wearability. In this she has inspired many of my designs that match all of these criteria. She is and has been an influential patron and advocate for contemporary art jewelry and has been instrumental in the growth and blossoming of our field.

The gallery, with its great location in midtown, has become a destination for shoppers from all parts of the world, and has made collectors out of many first time jewelry buyers.

I would like to emphasize that selling contemporary art jewelry pieces is not an easy business and it took a considerable amount of commitment and vision to run a successful gallery. Edward Faber has played a great role in supporting the art jewelry side of the gallery with his antique jewelry and collectible watch business. A happy marriage in more than one ways!

It is impressive to watch the gallery mount several important shows year after year, always including young emerging artists as well as international artists. In order to edit and make these shows meaningful, the gallery staff headed by Mrs. Faber, needs to be and stay informed on what is happening in the field, which is connected with a fair amount of travel in the US and abroad.

I commend Mrs. Faber to measure up to all of the demands that travel entails, time away from the gallery and from home, trekking through poorly lit and ventilated convention centers to find interesting pieces of jewelry and new artists and for enduring many of the other inconveniences of traveling. But the result is well worth the effort. Walking into the modern gallery space just off Fifth Avenue is breathtaking and rewarding, with so many hand selected one of a kind pieces of art jewelry on display.

It takes a lot of time and effort to build great relationships, and the Aaron Faber Gallery is very rich in in that respect. They have forged rewarding relationships with their growing number of collectors as well as with their artists.

I feel very fortunate to belong into the group of fortunate artists that is represented by Aaron Faber Gallery.

Barbara Heinrich